Tyler Gelinas
Software engineer with a focus on API and software applications

About Me

Hi, I'm Tyler! I am currently working as an Integration Software Engineer at ForgeRock. I use my development skills to create software applications that increase efficiency giving users a better digital experience. I have also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo.

Skills: Through my academic and work experience I have learned different skills and tools that contribute to creating production software applications. At my current position I work with many of our different technology partners and assist with technical integrations to extend our platform further. It is always exciting to see new integrations get added to our marketplace here. I am learning a lot at ForgeRock and enjoy going to work every day. At my previous position I went through the training program where I learned Spring Boot, Apache Camel, DataSonnet, Java, REST APIs, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, MuleSoft and more! I have also developed custom Kong plugins for customers and assisted with initial and ongoing Kubernetes deployments of the Kong API gateway for new customers. I have also earned the Rocky Mountain Award this year which I am proud of! Here is a linkedin post to that if interested. At my previous internships, I have used PHP, CakePHP, Git, MySQL, MVC design patterns and Bootstrap. In addition, I have used C#, Flask, Python, AWS, and Heroku in my personal projects, which are displayed below.

Future plans: I plan on continuing to learn the latest software development technologies. I have been working with Java recently and have been enjoying it. I have also enjoyed using Flask/Python in my free time and am looking forward to expanding further into these technologies to assist in my passion of developing modern software systems and APIs.


Alexa Skill AWS

Technologies: C#, .NET, AWS, API


Technologies: Flask, Python, API

IOT Smart Device

Technologies: Flask, MySQL, Python, AWS, Arduino, Embedded Systems, API


Technologies: PHP, MySQL, API


Technologies: CakePHP, PWA, API